The organization that prepares for Korea’s future,

that unfolds the software-oriented society and leads ICT convergence,

The organization where everyone willingly takes on challenges, innovates values and envisions a better future,

The National IT Industry Promotion Agency, NIPA, is that organization that creates an ICT future where everyone is happy.

NIPA has been at the forefront of achieving national development and economic vitalization through the ICT industry and is now paving the way for startups and overseas market entry.

NIPA supports the establishment of global ICT companies by building relevant infrastructure to enhance capacity of domestic startups and by creating an ecosystem that supports ICT companies’ continuous challenge to enter the global market.

In addition, NIPA provides active support to ICT companies so that they can write their own stories of success by strengthening their global outposts and successfully enter the global market based on creative ideas.

NIPA is spearheading the opening of the software value innovation era where new services are created by converging software and various other industries. These new developments will help improve the quality of public services and contribute to public happiness.

NIPA will also play a pivotal role in opening up a software-oriented society where imagination, creativity and software technologies are converged to produce innovative products and services.

Furthermore, we at NIPA are implementing various policies and businesses in the fields of policy research, quality advancement and talent nurturing to develop the software industry.

Now, we are seeing new growth engines for the country.

We are living in an era where IoT, cloud, big data and mobile technology are leading national growth.

So, NIPA is envisioning the coming future and making efforts to develop new business models such as IoT and 3D printing and to achieve market leadership.

In particular, we are trying to vitalize the entire cloud industry by expanding the adoption of cloud services and fostering relevant companies.

We at NIPA are also striving to play a major role in the global ICT convergence arena by creating new digital content markets and by facilitating the convergence between local industries and software.

In this 21st century, we can not imagine growth without achieving innovation through the ICT industry and software.

As a government agency that pro-actively prepares for the future and moves ahead of others in the midst of change and innovation, NIPA will realize its vision as a core ICT industry organization that leads the future with imagination and the spirit of challenge.

We at NIPA are turning our imagination of the future into a reality based on challenges and innovation in ICT and software.

Lighting up the new future of Korea.

NIPA is building an ICT world where everyone is happy.