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Purpose of Establishment

NIPA devotes itself to reinforcing the competitiveness of the ICT industry and contributes to the economic growth through the efficient support and laying the groundwork for the industrial technology promotion.

Major Business

  • 01

    Policy research and
    development support
    for the ICT industry

  • 02

    Help establish the
    foundation of the ICT
    industry and cultivate
    its human resources

  • 03

    Vitalize the distribution
    market for the develop-
    ment of the ICT industry
    and support marketing

  • 04

    Promote businesses
    related to the conver-
    gence and utilization
    of ICT technology

  • 05

    Support international
    exchange, cooperation,
    and overseas expansion
    related to the ICT


  • 2019
    • Jan.

      Selected for excellence in adoption of private sector cloud

    • May.

      Korea IT Cooperation Center, Ho Chi Minh opens

  • 2018
    • Jan.

      Exstablishing"Strategies for I-Korea 4.0 ICT R&D Innovation"

    • Oct.

      ICT regulatory sandbox law amended and prmulgated

      4th president Kim Chang-yeong, appointed

    • Dec.

      Awarded for Job Creation Category, Korea Social Contribution Awards

      Became 1st public ICT institution that finished transition to all permanent workforce

  • 2017
    • May.

      set up "Council on Convergence of Shipbuilding/ Marine Engineering and ICT"

    • Nov.

      Korea IT Cooperation Center, Hanoi opens

  • 2016
    • Feb.

      "Comprehensive Mid-to-Long-Term Plan for Intelligent Information Society" designed

    • Oct.

      "Mid-to-Long-Term Technology Roadmap for ICT R&D" devised

    • Dec.

      "Plan for Convergence of K-ICT and Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering" established

  • 2015
    • Jan.

      Amendment and enforcement of the notification on the software subject to modular contracting

    • Mar.

      3rd president Yun Jong-rok, appointed

    • Jun.

      NIPA (Main Office) relocated

  • 2014
    • Jan.

      Korea-India Software Cooperation Center opens

    • Mar.

      Software Policy and Research Institute established

    • Jul.

      Korea IT Cooperation Center, Singapore opened

    • Aug.

      Open Software Developer Center opens

    • Nov.

      KIC Silicon Valley opens

  • 2013
    • Aug.

      "Strategies for Software Innovation" established

    • Oct.

      "Mid-term Strategies for Nurturing Software Talents" designed

    • Nov.

      Groundbreaking ceremony for relocation

  • 2012
    • Jan.

      Selected for excellence in customer satisfaction and anti-corruption efforts

    • Apr.

      "Vision 2020 for Creative IT Powerhouse" unveiled

    • Sept.

      2nd president Park Su-yong ,appointed

    • Sept.

      "IT Convergence Promotion Strategies 2013 – 2017" devised

    • Dec.

      Smart Learning Industry Support Center opens

  • 2011
    • Mar.

      Establishing "+α Industry Nurturing Strategies" for new added value creation

    • Oct.

      "Software Ecosystem Development Strategies to Drive Co-Prosperity" devised

    • Dec.

      "IT Future Vision 2020" unveiled

  • 2010
    • Feb.

      "National Strategies for Software Powerhouse" announced

    • Jul.

      "Strategies to Promote IT Convergence" devised

  • 2009
    • Aug.

      NIPA established

      1st president Jeong Gyeong-won , appointed

    • Sept.

      Five Future Strategies for IT KOREA

    • Nov.

      Software Engineering Center opens