Mission and Vision

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  3. Mission and Vision

Leading innovative
growth for the nation
and the economy
through development of
ICT and new software


A specialized agency pioneering South Korea's ICT innovations for the future

Strategic Goals & Initiatives

  • 01

    New opportuni-
    ties in the
    software industry

  • 02

    Fostering the AI

  • 03

    Developing a
    content industry
    enabled by new

  • 04

    Developing an
    ICT ecosystem to
    support entry
    into global

Strategic Goals & Initiatives

  • 01New opportunities in the software industry

    • Promoting convergence between new software and other industries
    • Building innovative blockchain platforms
    • Creating a foundation for the 3D printing industry
    • Creating a foundation for ICT industries in regional areas
  • 02Fostering the AI industry

    • Building AI platforms supporting accelerated growth
    • Pushing for a strategic AI project "AI + X"
    • Consolidating an intelligent next-generation IoT ecosystem
    • Building a foundation for intelligent cloud services
  • 03Developing a content industry enabled by new technologies

    • Building digital life platforms
    • Securing killer content for 5G services
    • Supporting infrastructure innovations for producing content converging with new technologies
    • Promoting convergence of ICT with culture and the arts
  • 04Developing an ICT ecosystem to support entry into global markets

    • Accelerating ICT startups and entry into overseas markets
    • Developing ICT talent and manpower souring for startups
    • Creating a foundation for inter-Korean cooperation in the ICT industry
    • Securing software quality competitiveness and designing safety systems
    • Improving the regulatory environment for new markets and creating a level playing field for software businesses

Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Autonomy & Accountability
  • Communication & Collaboration