Reinforcing advanced ICT infrastructure


Building a Reliable ICT Environment

Supporting strategy establishment and business of enterprise by providing short- and long-term policy research, reliable Software statistics, and information on Software-related markets and technology trends

Creating a fair Software Business environment through management and observance of laws related to the fair-price of Software

Establishing a Software-friendly environment in which CEO, public officers, and general public can understand the value of Software and make full use of it

Strengthening the market by expanding the application of the Open Source Software in new industry fields such as cloud services, big data, and IoT

Enhancing ICT R&D Competitiveness

Expanding business by enhancing ICT R&D Planning, Evaluation, Management System and providing information on R&D output

Fostering Creative Talent with Integrated Skills in ICT

Nurturing talent with integrated skills by executing joint industry-academy cooperation projects and global training

Creating the foundation to nurture talent through the provision of basis Software education for elementary, middle school, and high school student, and making Software-related subjects as required courses