Promoting International ICT cooperation

Promoting International ICT cooperation

NIPA is dedicated to
creating business opportunities with partners from all over the world.

NIPA promotes the Korean ICT industry and contributes to the world’s ICT development by implementing various International ICT cooperation projects.

Major Activities

(G2G Cooperation) Support international cooperation between governments

  • Conduct ICT consulting Programs for partner countries to design Master Plans and implementation models
  • Encourage international cooperation with partner countries through ODA programs
    • ※ World Friends NIPA Advisors are dispatched to the governments or public institutions of developing countries to provide technological and managerial consultation
    • ※ ICT Experts training program aims to help developing countries increase their ICT capability and build cooperative relationships with Korean counterparts.
    • ※ To support the operation of fab labs(k-labs) designed to suit the circumstances of developing countries so as to help them develop and commercialize new ideas in the ICT sector.

(B2B Cooperation) Support overseas businesses in business-to-business

  • Provide product & Service localization, marketing and mentor support for overseas expansion
  • Develop international partnerships by hosting overseas roadshows and providing market intelligence
  • Set up and expand international business using regional ICT hubs.
    • ※ ICT hubs(KIC Silicon Valley, Korea-India SW Cooperation Center, Korea IT Cooperation Center(KICC) Singapore, KICC Hanoi, KICC Ho Chi Minh)