NIPA 소개 영상


The First Industrial Revolution
Mechanization based on steam power

The Second Industrial Revolution
Mass Production based on electric energy

The Third Industrial Revolution
Informatization led by computers

The Fourth Industrial Revolution
The Age of Convergence, Hyper-Connected Intelligent Society

The world has changed for the better thanks to out-of-the box creative thinking and a strong will to bring about innovations.
The age of technological revolution breaking down traditional industry boundaries
A new environment where information, communication, and technology converge
NIPA supports those challenging the status quo and pioneering innovations in a world where
ICT takes center stage.

A new era where software-ICT convergence changes the world.
NIPA nurtures a sustainable industrial ecosystem where startups can grow into a small giant company that drives innovative growth of the nation’s economy and that can thrive in the global markets.



We support the creation of new industries with innovative ideas and software that can change the world.

To the traditionally competitive industries such as manufacturing and the future promising industries including precision medicine,
artificial intelligence, AR/VR, and blockchain technology, software capabilities will be converged so as to identify future growth engine and to assist competent enterprises to enter global markets in an proactive manner.

We also promote artificial intelligence industry by providing supports for the development of IoT services and cloud computing startups and services, while pushing for management innovations at SMEs applying artificial intelligence in all areas.

Nurturing software industries

AI-enabled precision medicine
AI-assisted shipbuilding & marine engineering technology
Nurturing blockchain specialists and firms

Creating infrastructure for 3D printing industry for medicine and telecommunications
Building foundation for regional ICT industries - agri-bio, logistics, biotechnology

Fostering artificial intelligence industry
Building AI platforms supporting accelerated growth, utilizing learning data and high-performance computing resources
Nurturing AI application industries for medicine and future automobiles, smart factory

Consolidating next-generation intelligent IoT ecosystem
Building infrastructure for intelligent cloud services

A digital life made possible by AR and VR on the back of 5G infrastructure.
Building digital platforms that transform lifestyle patterns, developing high-quality killer content,
Increasing infrastructure to produce new technology convergent content, and converging ICT and culture and arts,
We will spare no effort in developing and promoting content industry enabled by new technology.

Nurturing content industry enabled by new technology
Building VR/AR digital life platforms
Securing killer content for 5G services
Creating innovative infrastructure for producing new technology convergent content
Promoting convergence between ICT and culture/arts

We act as an overseas brach of small competitive ICT venture companies trying to expand into the global markets by supporting the localization of their software products.

We also operate regulatory sandboxes to support accelerated market launch of innovative technology and services.

Building an ICT ecosystem supporting global expansion
Supports for expedited ICT start-up and overseas market entry
Strengthening overseas bases for global expansion
Nurturing ICT specialists
Improving regulation for new markets and creating a level playing field for software



NIPA’s unmatched passion for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and for a better future.
At the very forefront of the changes, with the ICT industrial innovations, NIPA has created the new future growth engines for the nation’s economy. We will continue our endeavor to expand into an even greater world.

Now, the time we have invested helping countless ICT companies fulfil their potential have turned into a great power that makes the world move forward.

Legal / institutional support
Policy Research
Business Development
Information exchange / dissemination
Entry into overseas markets

Support 3,680 companies in 2019


We started from 160 million Korean Won of sales in 2016. Toward the end of the NIPA program last year, we achieved around 12.9 billion Won.

AD(X) Corp.
Name of program: K-Global startup contest
Area of support: Mentoring for developing a business case of an idea, pitching training,
technological seminar
Name of service: a platform maximizing mobile advertising profits
Key achievements: KRW10.3 bn in overseas export, KRW3 bn in attracted investment

We benefited a lot from NIPA’s support program, particularly human resources and equipment. Without the help from NIPA, we could not enter the global markets.

Name of program: CG specialist company nurturing program
Area of support: creating business foundation, strengthening production capabilities, overseas marketing
Key achievements: KRW50.8 bn in overseas export, and 179 new hires

Through the NIPA support program, we could raise the level of the technical sophistication of our product. As a result, we could do our business actively in the advanced markets including the US, Australia, and Europe.

Ecube Labs
Name of program: a project to create IoT integration and convergence cluster.
Area of support: service demonstration support before commercialization
Area of service: smart waste collection service
Key achievements: Entered the US market winning contracts worth USD15 million


We shine even brighter in a world where the ICT industry and software take center stage.

Valued endeavor toward a new Korea
A strong will to challenge and lead the convergence of software and ICT

We are National IT Industry Promotion Agency.