Supporting born-global and startups

Supporting born-global and startups

NIPA is dedicated to
creating business opportunities with partners from all over the world.

NIPA promotes the Korean ICT industry and contributes to the world’s ICT development by implementing various International ICT cooperation projects.

Major Activities

(Out-Bound) Foster born-global startups to become global players

  • Establish advanced infrastructure to foster global players
  • Nurture prospective startups based on the stage of growth
  • Provide acceleration and mentoring advice for startups' success

(In-Bound) Create global startups with multi-cultural ICT talents

  • Bring in promising startups from overseas and provide exceptional support for them to establish in Asia.
  • Build a diverse, multi-cultural ICT creative environment by recruiting multi-cultural ICTC professionals
  • Provide various startup programs such as K-Startup grand Challenge